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Wouldn’t it be fantastic if the best gifts you could possibly hope to receive this Christmas were in stock, and … absolutely free? Imagine if you were able not only to receive these gifts yourself, but share them with others too? Christmas would literally be life-changing.

Forget those gadgets you soon tire of, the expensive cosmetics that run out and technology that goes out of date. What if the gifts you received lasted forever?

A Christmas celebration with Jesus at the heart of it has at least two key elements: joy and peace. Joy as we see what the birth of Jesus means to us, and a deep peace that reassures us we are loved and belong to him. These gifts don’t break or lose their appeal. If anything, they become richer and more treasured as we come to know Jesus better. They last forever.

Come and sing carols with us that celebrate the joy and peace of Christmas – and the gift of Jesus himself. We’d be delighted to welcome you!

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