Easter Programme

Join us this Easter as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ!

Good Friday – 2nd April, 10.30 am

Live worship and sermon on Zoom (see the Facebook Group for login details) which will also be streamed live on YouTube.

So those who dislike Zoom will be able to watch on Youtube and comment in the chat there.

Please be aware that if you join in on Zoom, your video image and name may appear in the public video stream to YouTube. There are three ways of managing this:

1. When you join the Zoom meeting, amend the display name to an innocuous alternative.
2. Keep your video off during the Zoom meeting. Your display name will still show.
3. Join the service on Youtube instead of Zoom!

Easter Sunday – 4th April, 10.30 am

Online worship and final part of sermon series #DownButNotOut on our usual platform

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