A little extra help

When you’re in the on-site services at Cale Green, you can now follow the songs and slides used in Sunday services on your own smartphone or tablet.

If you struggle to see the TV screens, this may give you a little extra help to participate more fully in the services.

You need

– an Android or Apple device

– a data connection to the Internet.

Before you come to the service

– download the Proclaim Remote app from your device’s App Store and install it.

App store 0 5x







– open the app and allow it to access the location of the phone or tablet. You only need to do this once.










When you get to the service

– open the app. Ignore any request for a login – this is only for people using the app to control the Proclaim presentation. We only want you to follow the presentation!

– you will be presented with a list of presentations “on air” near your location. The 360Life Church presentation for that day should be top of the list.










The presentation for the service is usually on air for 10 minutes before the service begins. Being early has its benefits!

– click on Follow

When following a presentation, the current projected slide displays on your mobile device and automatically advances with the rest of the presentation in real time.

The presentation includes notice slides, song lyrics and sermon slides.

Sound and video will not play on your device.


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