Change of the Leadership at 360Life Church

As all of us know Kevin Todhunter is a senior pastor of 360Life Church at the moment. He has been serving church on the Leadership team for over 25 years.

But from 1st of April Hayley Wall is taking on the main leader role from Kevin – we hope it doesn’t come as a surprise to you. It has been planned and talked about for a few years. That’s why, over time, Hayley has undertaken theological training, gained ministerial status with Assemblies of God GB, joined the Leadership Team. All of this while steadily serving the church, day by day, week by week.

As “main leader”, Hayley now takes on the the team leader role for the Leadership Team. Andy Eadie and Kevin will continue to serve on the team. As always, over time we want to see this team grow and expand.

We are praying for Kevin and Hayley as they swap roles and can’t wait to see what plans God has for both of them.

You can watch a video update regarding the leadership transition here.

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