Finding 360Life Church On-line

We are trying to make it easy for everyone to connect to 360Life Church online

The church now has a YouTube channel. All sermons and most other videos will be posted to this channel. You can find the channel by searching for "360life" in Youtube or by clicking on the Youtube icon found in the bottom right section of every page on the church website. If you are a YouTube user, you can subscribe to the channel and then see new content appear in your YouTube feed.

Sermons can still be viewed on the church website, which links directly to videos on YouTube.

Sermons and other videos will also be posted onto the church FaceBook PAGE. You can get there by clicking on the FaceBook icon at the bottom right of every page on the church website. If you "like" the page while you are on FaceBook, new content will appear in your personal Facebook feed automatically.

For now, the short daily worship videos will be streamed and posted only to the church FaceBook page.

For online meetings, such as prayer gatherings, we will use Zoom. Meeting details and passcodes will only be published on the FaceBook group or upon request to Again, we may need to consider alternatives to Zoom if it gets overwhelmed, but for now we will stay with it.


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