Greetings and encouragement from Colombia

Dave Taylor, a missionary in Colombia, founder of Colombia Childcare, sends his gratitude for our support and shares an encouraging message of evangelism.

"We have endeavoured to be good stewards of God’s provision." - says Dave.

Dave's organisation held an evangelistic events followed by food distribution.
"We preached a simple message from John 3 where Jesus tells Nicodemus that he must be ‘Born Again’. We saw hundreds make decisions for Christ during these events – the vast majority of the new believers have been followed up by the pastors of 2 of our church plants in La Isla & Pueblo Viejo."


The food distribution and evangelistic message in Manaure was organized by Colombia Childcare in conjunction with the local church pastored by Reyes Lindao who they support. 100 food packages were distributed with around 50 raising their hands for Jesus – the follow up was done by the La Paz, Manaure church.

Dave goes on to say that they far exceeded their original forecast of distributing food packages to 400 families: "We probably doubled that number. The exact number of conversions in La Isla, Pueblo Viejo & Manaure we don’t have, but probably a figure of 270-300 would be about right."




Hope this info encourages you.

Every blessing from Colombia!


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