On Monday the Government announced new measures aimed at eliminating all unnecessary social contact. Out of concern for others, it is right and proper that 360Life Church fully comply.

With immediate effect, ALL church events are cancelled until further notice.

This includes:

– all Sunday services

– all small groups, including those for youth

– prayer meetings

– youth meetings

– Ladies’ Group meetings

– Soup Group

– Worship Group practices.

We have already announced that Toddlers is closed until further notice.

Cale Green Life Centre is CLOSED until further notice and all key holders are asked to refrain from visiting the building.

These circumstances present us with a massive challenge, but one that we can rise to. We often say that church is more than a Sunday morning service — now is the time for us all to demonstrate it!

  • We all need to stay connected, using all the means at our disposal, including good old-fashioned telephone calls.
  • The Leadership Team and leaders of Small Groups will try to stay in regular, one-to-one, contact with everyone.
  • Everyone should keep the Leadership Team fully informed so that we always know who is unwell, who has recovered, who is self-isolating and what people actually need. We must care well for the elderly and vulnerable in the church, especially if they have limited support from their families or neighbours.
  • We can all use PrayerShare to mobilise prayer by the whole church.
  • We will be advising group leaders soon on options that they can use to run group get-togethers online so that groups continue to connect in some way from their own homes.
  • The Leadership Team will use online media and services, similar to the Facebook streaming of Sunday services that we have been doing for some months now, to deliver information and helpful resources. We are looking at free software that will allow us to “meet” online and share updates among us and that enables us to pray together, from our homes.
  • Our website will be kept up-to-date, along with our Facebook page and Twitter feed. Not everything on the Facebook page is copied into the Facebook Group so you should “Like” the church page if you want to see posts from it on your main Facebook feed.
  • It is still Lent, so let’s all continue to use the book to journey through the season together. Don’t consume news content continuously to the exclusion of giving attention to other, more uplifting, things.
  • If you give regularly to church in Sunday offerings, please consider giving now by bank transfer or standing order. Talk to Viktorija if you need help setting this up. Our main costs are people costs, which are incurred even when the building is not in use. We will use the Love Fund responsibly to alleviate need — once it’s gone, we will need to husband our finances to the best of our ability.

It goes without saying that the Leadership Team are far from experts on this virus. But if we can help in any way, please contact us.

The early church grew dramatically in the chaos and heartbreak that ensued from plagues and diseases that ravaged the Roman Empire. Why? Because Christians lived selfless lives and cared for their neighbours in compassionate ways that were in stark contrast to those exhibited by the pagan culture that surrounded them. We are not called to be carping critics of wider society today, but we are called to show the love of Jesus in times like this.

Galatians 6:10
Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.



Hayley, Andy & Kevin


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