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Starting on Saturday March 9th, a monthly "prayer space" will be available at Cale Green Life Centre. Open from 10:30am until 2:30pm.

Everyone is welcome.

Come and go as you please.

Stay as long as you want.

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In the sermon for Sunday 11th February, Hayley suggested that the church have a new focus on Tuesdays as a day for prayer and fasting, culminating in the weekly Prayer Meeting at 8pm.

For those new to fasting, this would be a good first step towards making fasting a regular personal habit.

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A generation is waiting for women to rise up and bring real-time solution to real-time needs. The world doesn’t need another event, it needs Brave Love women. It needs Jesus. Sign up, grab your friends, and don’t delay!

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Starting at 5pm on Sunday 14th January for ten weeks at the Cale Green Life Center, including a hot meal.

Regardless of where you stand on matters of faith, we invite you to be part of the Alpha course. Discovering the fundamentals of the Christian faith has never been easier. This series of group conversations is an open invitation to explore, ...


In a modern world filled with skepticism, it's essential to explore the historical foundations of our faith by delving into the question: Why should we trust the Bible? This article takes a journey through the annals of time to uncover the profound historical reliability of the Bible. We will unravel the mystery surrounding the ...

In our second session of this series, we delve into a critical aspect of understanding the Bible's trustworthiness — manuscripts, and textual variants.

The central question we're tackling is: Can we genuinely trust what the Bible records? To address this, we're examining whether the Bible, particularly the New Testament, can be considered ...


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  • Cale Green Life Centre
  • 71 Adswood Road
  • Stockport
  • SK3 8HR
  • 0161 850 8360

The Life Centre car park has disabled parking spaces.

The building has wheelchair access and an accessible toilet.

Wheelchair access is not available to the upper floor, which is used for some children's groups during Sunday services.

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