Stockport moves to Tier 3 – Very High alert level. Find out more about latest rules and restrictions…

As of today, Friday 23rd of October, Stockport has moved into Tier 3 alert level. What are the new rules and restrictions and what do they mean for a public and do they affect church services?

1. You must not meet socially with friends and family indoors in any setting unless they are part of your household or support bubble. This includes private homes and indoors in hospitality venues, such as restaurants.
2. You must also not meet in a private gardens or in most outdoor public venues.
3. You may continue to see friends and family you do not live with in groups of 6 or less in certain outdoor public spaces, such as:

  • parks, beaches, countryside, forests.
  • public gardens (whether or not you pay to enter them), allotments.
  • outdoor sports courts and facilities, and playgrounds.

When you do so, you must not meet in a group of more than 6. In England, this limit of 6 includes children of any age.

4. New restrictions do not affect how we do church. Places of worship remain open and can continue to operate in a Covid-safe way.
5. It is advised not to travel into or out of the very high alert level area. But you can continue to do so if you need to for work, education, to access youth services or because of caring responsibilities.

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