The church website gets even better

We keep trying to make the website easier for you to use.

The top menu now includes options to see a Youtube gallery of all of our Thought For the Day videos and to get a sneak peek of the church Facebook Page, without going first to Facebook. Everything on the site related to the Coronavirus pandemic is available from another new top menu option.

The Giving page has been revamped and now includes the new option to give by text message.

Every page on the website offers an option (at bottom right) to contact the church using Messenger.

In addition, we have added Contact and Message buttons to the Facebook Page to make it easier for people viewing it to contact us or to ask questions.

Our latest videos have end screens that show how to contact the church.

The Coronavirus lockdown means more people than ever are looking online at what churches like ours are posting. So please share on social media so that our videos and other resources reach as wide an audience as possible. We want everyone to hear the good news about Jesus!

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