Deep Comfort

Yesterday’s sermon (February 17th) considered some deep theology — the sovereignty of God and why a biblical understanding of it is an amazing source of comfort to a Jesus-follower who is going through suffering.

In the Old Testament, one book is pretty much solely focused on the question of suffering. The reader already knows, but Job himself doesn’t, so he asks God for a reason for his suffering. God doesn’t give him answers that he wouldn’t understand and that his heart couldn’t contain. God answered Job by pointing to himself, to his presence, power and glory.

Read what God says to him in Job 38-42.

I think Job sees the sovereignty of God in full Technicolor.

And what would Job say to us?

  • Don’t withhold trust in God because you are unable to understand why something bad has happened.
  • God rules all things, he knows all things, and there is nothing that he doesn’t understand.
  • His rule is always good because he is good.

That’s why the sovereignty of God is a deep comfort!

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