Can we please talk more about the resurrection of Jesus? That was one of the ideas in last Sunday’s sermon.

When we engage with people about our Christian faith, we can easily end up arguing about the reliability of the Bible or justifying why we believe in a creator God. Shouldn’t we shift the conversation to the resurrection?

It is striking that the early church seems to have majored on proclaiming that Jesus is alive. You could argue that their culture was one of knowledge of and respect for scripture, but that was really only true of those who knew the Hebrew Scriptures. In a world that was like ours — many gods, diverse cultures and conflicting views of right and wrong — they weren’t afraid to declare that Jesus was risen from the dead.

Easter has gone for another year. Maybe your chocolate Easter eggs have already followed suit. Yet Jesus is alive forever, never to die again.

So why not shift the conversation today and challenge a friend or family member or neighbour to fully consider the life-changing implications of the resurrection of Jesus?

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