Passion for your house

What's so bad about being a doorkeeper?

It's really not a comment about how mundane it is to serve on a church's Welcome Team. The Psalmist would rather serve in an incidental way in God's house than be the centre of attention in another context. Being in God's house is that important.

Similarly, Jesus was recognised as being consumed with zeal and passion for God's house. At that point, it was about the temple building. For us though, the focus has now shifted away from buildings to a temple made of living stones -- people knitted together as church -- functioning as a temple for God to live in.

Should we be passionate and zealous for God's house, the church? Why not?

And how can we do it without falling into the common trap of thinking it is mainly about attending a place of worship?

Can our zeal find expression in how we cherish and pray for church? Can our passion for church encourage us to reach out to others?

Why not?

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