Questions Jesus Asks Us

It’s a devotional exercise that some find helpful: You find a quiet spot to sit and try to imagine — you are sitting down in a warm, cosy café to have a coffee or nice cup of tea when Jesus comes in. He joins you at your table. What does he say to you? In particular, what questions does he put to you?

They say that your answers reveal an awful lot about your personal theology. They disclose what you really think Jesus is like. Your response also divulges what you really feel about yourself. Maybe that’s the helpful bit!

In the biblical record, Jesus certainly asked a lot of questions. Even after the resurrection he was still asking questions — think of Thomas and Paul. If you start looking for them as you read the Gospels, you will see Jesus asking questions constantly.

On Sunday we will look at a few of the questions Jesus asked. One in particular will be the main focus: Who do you say I am?

I think the authors of the gospels meant for us, as we read of Jesus, to ask the same questions of ourselves. So…

Who is Jesus?

And why does it matter how we answer?

More on Sunday…

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