The Green Monster

On Sunday (17th February), in part 3 of the Even Though series, we will look at a deadly trap that snares many going through hardship and affliction. It’s the trap of envying others.

Why is God answering everyone’s prayers except for mine? Why do other people have it so easy, compared to me? How come others enjoy life and I struggle so much? And on it goes.

Envy like this may well be natural, but it is incredibly destructive. I think that’s because envy rapidly turns into anger. Anger looks for an object to focus on and starts to strangle the heart’s trust in God.

The guy who wrote Psalm 73 struggled too with envy as he faced difficulties and struggles. Ahead of Sunday’s sermon, why don’t you chew on Psalm 73 and see what it says about the dangers of the green monster?

Even Though Session 3 023

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